Empress Jennifer

by IWC

Empress Jennifer Luxury Financial Domme

Happy Holidays from Empress Jennifer and IWC, home of the hottest femdoms and findoms! We wish you a very merry season of spending, worshiping and bowing down to incredibly powerful women. You’re welcome guys, you’re welcome.

Mental Maverick and Rebellionaire

Describing herself as a Mental Maverick and a Rebellionaire, Empress Jennifer is a highly experienced luxury female dominatrix. In addition to using her owned slaves as she pleases in her real life, she also produces high quality femdom and financial domination videos, running the gamut from femdom pov to brutal beatings! These submissive male slaves are honored to do her bidding, whether that is getting their balls busted as she laughs or buying her designer boots to put an even bigger smile on her face. If you didn’t know, Empress Jennifer has a serious obsession with boots as indicated by the 25+ boot fetish clips she has available in her iWantClips store. Interested in your own custom fantasy? Order a custom clip from Empress Jennifer and receive your own verbal beatdown!

All I Want For Christmas…

Well its definitely not you! So what exactly does the Empress want for Christmas? Here is her list, boys!

  • An all expenses paid trip to London in 2020 would be perfect!
  • A Thailand trip in 2020 is on the list too! All expenses paid, of course.
  • As always, gift cards! Nordstrom, Amazon, Visa, Gift Rocket preferred.
  • A shiny new MacBook Pro 15″
  • And last, but certainly not least…the perfect financial slave who is generous, nice to talk to, amusing, and obedient

Empress Jennifer’s Sadistic Rise To Fame

One look at Empress Jennifer’s clip store on iWantClips shows just how sadistic she is. Clearly adept at ballbusting, you can pay to watch her bring men to their knees over and over again. She loves a good beatdown and looks so goddamn good doing it! Besides ballbusting, she gets obvious pleasure out of kicking, punching, and whipping her submissive male slaves. Surprisingly, her start in the industry was fairly innocent. She was working mainstream jobs in LA when a friend offered for a guy to pay her to do her laundry. Confused, but intrigued, she agreed. Upon washing her laundry, the guy asked if she would treat him bad and said he would pay more if he could film it. And just like that, a female dominatrix was born!

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Ceara Lynch

by IWC

Ceara Lynch Legendary Financial Dominatrix

If you don’t know Ceara Lynch, what planet have you been living on? iWantClips is launching IWCSociety with the most legendary femdom and financial dominatrix in the scene. Ceara Lynch has been dominating men out of their minds and money for years in the most creative and humiliating ways possible. Feast your inferior eyes upon these powerful photos of ultimate humiliatrix!!

The Original Humiliatrix

Ceara Lynch has been hitting the top selling charts for her femdom videos consistently for over a decade. She is an expert at diving into the psyche of submissive male minds. Ceara consistently releases high quality femdom video clips each week in a wide variety of categories from mild to wild (mostly wild!). She is known as the original Humiliatrix, therefore her talents in the humiliation fetish genre are out of this world. She laughs her way to the bank as she effortlessly turns “men” into crying babies with empty wallets. Many credit her with making the brat girls fetish what it is today thanks to her loser symbol and middle finger videos with Princess Monique at the beginning of her career. Ceara Lynch is one of the top custom clip creators on IWC and she can turn your fantasy (or worst nightmare) into reality with ease.

A Domme of Many Talents

This talented Domme just co-produced and starred in her first feature film, Use Me, a documentary thriller in which the filmmaker becomes her prey. Use Me hit the film festival circuit in 2019, including the Brooklyn Film Festival, the Sydney Film Festival, and her hometown’s Portland Film Festival. Ceara and her cast and crew picked up the Grand Jury award in Sydney and the Outstanding Achievement award in Brooklyn. Demand was so high for Portland’s very own that second and third showings of her movie were added to the festival! Due to her years of creating femdom video clips, Ceara Lynch is a natural actress and received rave reviews for her on-screen performance. This does not come as a surprise to the many Dommes and artists that have known and respected her for years. A true professional, Ceara Lynch always delivers…and men always pay!

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