Serenity Sky

by IWC

Serenity Sky, Fierce Findom

With long blonde locks and looks that can kill, Serenity Sky is one of the most dangerous findoms in the game. Her long legs are made to worship, her feet meant to bow at. You aren’t worthy of her time or attention, but if you drain your bank account for her, you might just get it anyway.

Church Girl

A small town church girl turned Goddess, IWCSociety’s Serenity Sky knows all about worship – so you better do it right. This long legged babe is the woman you’ve always wanted but known you could never have. The perfect findom to humiliate you and take everything you’ve worked for. The Woman you dream of, that you risk everything for, including your wife. You will never come close to deserving to serve Serenity Sky, but you should never stop trying.

Loser Control

Being dominant comes naturally to Serenity Sky. So much so that she has a horde oof men just craving to be her little bitch. From her edging videos to CEI, she’ll have you eating out of the palm of her hand. One flip of that long blonde hair and you’re fucked for life. You’re weak in her grasp and resistance is futile. Don’t even waste your time trying to escape from her grasp. It’s time you get to worshipping and draining, beta boy. Your time is up.

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Vanessa Veracruz

With a smile that could melt hearts, and eyes that could send any man to their knees, it’s no surprise that Vanessa Veracruz became a fan favorite as fast as she has. This Latina Goddess came to break barriers and bust open bank accounts. Yours included.

The Sweetest Smile

Vanessa Veracruz has been described as motivated, studious, and all around kick ass. Never shying away from a challenge, Vanessa used her position in the adult world to put herself through college. Her hunger for knowledge on the human condition pushed her to dive deep into psychology and dietary nutrition. You can see Veracruz’ sensitive and caring side in the way she treats her female counterparts on screen. Always passionate and dedicated to making sure her partner gets off for real, she has blessed us with some of the best lesbian clips of the decade alongside girl/girl greats like Shyla Jennings. It’s not hard to see why she won and was nominated for some of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Spiritual Gangster

Vanessa Veracruz is more than meets the eye. When you get to know her, you’ll find out that she is a yoga aficionado on an intense spiritual journey to self discovery. Traveling to Costa Rica to meet a shaman and experience a personal spiritual revolution in Ayahuasca is just one of the badass expeditions that Veracruz has embarked on. Vanessa is fearless an unapologetic in letting go of who society has taught her to be, and embracing her true form. Showing she can do it all from highly erotic yoga JOI Videos to lesbian orgies, Vanessa Veracruz is well rounded and full of surprises. Catch some of her content here if you want to be blown away.

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Dominant Jade Sun

by IWC

Dominant Jade Sun, Cuckold Queen

Dom·i·nance: noun power and influence over others, especially over those who are weaker. Synonym: Supremacy. Jade Sun has it all in the name. A cute little girl next door who will force you to your knees to kiss her feet in public while on a leash – and that is just an average Tuesday morning. This forced coerced-bi aficionado is here to punish you in all the right ways.

Doyenne of Femdom

Starting from an early age, Jade Sun knew femdom was for her. Jade’s first ever sub was a boyfriend who put his balls on a table for her to lash with a belt. Years later, she would start by taking Skype calls and moving to clips and phone calls. For very special subs, she’ll even do real time sessions. If you want a chance to be abused in real life, you better work hard to deserve it. Femdom is important to Jade because she always gets her way, and she can be her own boss. She can spend time making clips or just relax and drain money from men on her ignore line. This domme knows what you need, whether you know it or not. From cuckold videos to coerced bi, Jade will bring out fetishes you never even knew you possessed. It would be a grave mistake to approach Her with a plan. She will break down all of your barriers and leave you weak to the touch.

Brazen Belladonna

On top of being a hot doyenne, there is also the benefit is getting to make out with other hot dommes in the industry. Among the elite in Femdom, Jade doesn’t take her position lightly. “I’ve been in the Top 10 list for iWantClips and love that I am listed among some of my favorites – like London Lix, Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, and Goddess Jessica!” Adding that these are some of the most intelligent women she’s ever met, with a beauty that’s hard to resist. “They’re all extremely sexy!” What’s hotter than being a cuck for one smoldering Goddess? Abuse from a legion of Goddesses. At 23, Dominant Jade Sun is reaching for the stars, and she’s not far off. Aiming to excel further in her own skills, she’s also looking to expand her Studio to help others get started. Her advice for newbies is that the industry is a lot of work – having to learn everything from marketing & editing to psychology. She also stresses the importance of keeping your subs safe from real harm. “While you can make a little money from the fly by night “subs” just posting hot pictures and saying “Pay me losers” you aren’t going to build a real business without a lot of hard work.”

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Demi Sutra

by IWC

Demi Sutra, Against the Grain

Mega hottie with a humble soul, Demi Sutra is here to rock your world. Her cool confidence will put you at ease and open your mind, while her compassion ropes you in. Starting off selling fetish videos on Twitter, She’s now become a full blown award winning and nominated starlet. Demi Sutra shows that she can do it all.

Challenge Accepted

An independent model that sticks to her guns, Demi Sutra is a force to be reckoned with. “DO NOT edit out my birthmarks,” She says with her no-bullshit attitude. Years of hard work and dedication to her craft have not only given her the freedom to work on her own terms, but to present herself the way she chooses to. Though she’s been the recipient of an UrbanX Award and nominated for AVN awards, Sutra holds regard for her creative control at the highest level, explaining “None of my awards can compare to this freedom and flowing creativity.” Demi is a true professional whose hunger for greatness never wanes. When asked what her goals were, she named continued growth and letting go of fear – Though she doesn’t strike us as someone with much to be afraid of. Taking the focus off herself, she explained that it is also important to her to focus on inclusivity in the industry. “I love this industry as a whole, but I know there is a TON that could be better and different. We need to continue talking about the things that need to change.”

Power Maven

If you ask Demi Sutra why she chose the adult industry, she’ll tell you about the power of the female form. “Growing up I saw sexy beautiful women in tiny outfits – or naked! – and immediately recognized their power. I wanted it.” That coupled with her love for sex and voyeurism was enough to catapult her into a career in sex work. The amazing community that lies within is also a factor. When asked who Demi admires, Goddess Tierra was top of the list. “She fucking kills it and dominates the clip store scene.” Tierra is a badass woman, Artist, mom, and all around mold breaker for the community as a whole, as well as for black women within it. Demi may not be a mom, but she is definitely growing in the same direction as a leader in her community. Her advice if you want to join the industry? “Don’t compare yourself to others. Often times we don’t notice the hassle or struggle that people go through before becoming ‘That Bitch’. Don’t ever forget that everyone started somewhere and we can’t compare our success to others.” 
Bravo, Demi Sutra! We’re excited to see where your career takes you. If you want to support Demi by buying her clips, click here.

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Asia Perez

by IWC

Asia Perez, Asian Dominatrix

This Asian dominatrix is a firecracker that can’t be put out. Don’t step out of line with Asia Perez, she’ll put you in your place and you will never forget it. You’ll never be a match for Her – She will always win.

Chain Reaction

You’re nothing but a slave to Her, and that’s only if you prove yourself worthy. Asia Perez will have you chained up and begging for attention until you learn what it means to be a good boy. She has become one of the most domineering Femdoms and Fetish models in the industry, and She has the know how to show you. If you’re a good little foot whore, She’ll allow you to suck Her heel, or if you’re super worthy She’ll smother you with Her toes. Behave for your Asian Dominatrix Princess and you might just get a treat.

Asian Temptation

The cute exotic Woman you’ve always lusted over will never want you. She’s too busy draining the balls and wallets of countless losers. You’re weak for Her, and it shows. IWCSociety only features the most diabolically delicious Goddesses, and Asia Perez is no exception. She uses Her Divine power to enchant you into giving Her whatever she wants, and you will oblige. Buy something from Her wishlist, send Her a tribute, or request a custom clip if you want to be noticed by your Queen. Don’t be cheap, though – She only answers to what She deserves. And She deserves it ALL.

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Princess Phoebe

by IWC

Princess Phoebe, Black Dominatrix

Princess Phoebe is the black dominatrix of your dreams. You might as well put everything on hold, because you’re not going to need anything else after you’ve found Her. Petite, but not so sweet, Phoebe is the one you’ve been searching for.


Set aside your goals, because they’re not important now. Princess Phoebe will have you draining your bank account before you ever know what hit you. At this rate, this Princess is on Her way to being named on the Forbes 30 under 30 – and She’s doing it all with your money. Your success is Her success, so be a good boy liquidate your assets for Princess – This ebony femdom is here to win.

Ebony Femdom Dame

The hot girl you’ve always wanted but could never have, Princess Phoebe will dominate you at every turn. Her main objective is to bleed you dry, and She’s succeeding. Wrapping men around her pretty little fingers is just one of Her many talents. From JOI to bikini seduction, She will exploit your most hidden fantasies. Just wait until you see Her team up with Princess Pandora for the sniffing session of your dreams – you won’t be able to control yourself. Bow down and empty your wallets, losers. Your Master is here.

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Stella Sol

by IWC

Stella Sol, Master of Tease & Denial

Oozing with power, IWCSociety’s Stella Sol is not to be taken lightly. Her passion lies in bringing you to the very brink of destruction, just to watch you dangle. Everything you’ve ever wanted will be stripped from you in an instant, and you will succumb to Her.

The Mindfuck Maiden

Draining your wallet and controlling your mind is Stella Sol’s objective. You might be a big, important person at work or at home, but with Stella you’re nothing. You’re weak and pathetic. You’re only put here to Serve Her. If you allow Her to train you like you should, She might cut you some slack. Strikingly gorgeous with mesmerizing legs that run miles long, She is everything in your fantasies and then some. She will wreck your mind and life – and you’ll love every second of it.

The Mommy Domme

It’s easy to fall into Stella Sol’s trap. She will tear you to bits and then bring you back with the ease and warmth of a mother’s touch. She is fire and ice all wrapped in one astoundingly beautiful body. You will be so busy with worship that you will forget about everything else in your life – including your wife. You will sacrifice every relationship and every pleasure just to make Her happy. Do you think you deserve Her attention? Are you brave enough to try? Click here.

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Lady Valencia

by IWC

Lady Valencia, Female Supremacy

The dominatrix of your dreams and nightmares, Lady Valencia is a force to be reckoned with. She is a calm and natural power with subtle strength that wraps around your brain and squeezes. There is no warning or way to prepare. Once She has control, you’re Hers for the taking. It’s easy to see why IWCSociety featured Her.

Subtle & Lethal

An Empress of Fantasy, Lady Valencia will accept you – no matter your fetish – with a firm hand. To Her, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – just mind your manners and pay to play. She knows your deepest desires, even if you do not. She will reach into your soul and pull out your darkest secrets with ease. You might be terrified of the demons you harbor, but Lady Valencia is the Master of Darkness.

Sissy Master

Testosterone is no match for Lady Valencia’s female supremacy – Just ask Camille. She will have even the manliest in skirts and nail polish before they know what’s hit them. From dressing in latex and lingerie to cuckolding fantasies, this dominant Woman will have you eating out of the palm of her hand. You’re ready to take the risk, don’t fight it. Indulge in your demons. Click here.

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Goddess Olivia Rose, Fiery Femdom

Success isn’t just a word to Goddess Olivia Rose, it’s a lifestyle. She’s been cracking the whip on losers like you for 12 years, and you’ve just fallen deeper and deeper into her trap. This fiery IWCSociety domme cannot be denied, not that you’d ever dream of trying…

Naturally Femdom

Starting off in adult in college, Goddess Olivia Rose has been wrapping men around Her finger for over a decade. After a transition to dancing in Vegas, She entered the BDSM scene and never looked back. In 2015, this tattooed vixen discovered the benefits of creating Her own femdom content and being in a like-minded community of powerful women in kink. Being Her own boss means control over Her own schedule and life. Goddess does what She wants, when she wants – no matter the cost.

Fire & Fun

This year has been the most lucrative for Olivia Rose, yet. With Her consistent residual income climbing higher than ever, Goddess is on her way to topping her own personal goals. Her well-deserved sub funded dinner dates and hotel stays are filled with luxury and relaxation. When She’s not being doted on, She’s partying away all your money in barely-there clothing at the hottest festivals. Go put your wife’s dress on and get to spending, sissies. Your redhead femdom Goddess has travel plans to book!

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Princess Ashley

by IWC

Princess Ashley, Financial Domination Fantasy

There are few legends of the financial domination world that do it quite like Princess Ashley. With cool bratty dominance oozing from her pores like honey, it’s obvious how she was able to reach the upper echelon of findom as quickly as she did. Losers can’t wait to drool over this Princess’ hypnotizing gaze.

Million Dollar Maven

You might as well empty your bank accounts, refinance your houses, and liquidate your assets now. Princess Ashley is a wallet drain virtuoso. She once made $50,000.00 in one day from a single sub, rounding out at about $75,000.00 in a single month – all while hardly lifting Her pretty little fingers. After just 4 years in the financial domination industry, Princess reached an income of a chill 1 million dollars, all sent from the bank accounts of weak rich men. You may be powerful in the office, but you’re putty in Her hands. You can’t resist giving it all up for Her.

Helping Hand

Princess Ashley might be a greedy Goddess with men, but she’s also been using her powers for good. An avid animal lover, Ashley has raised and donated to various causes throughout her career. So every time you go into debt for Princess, you’re contributing to Her and donating to a good cause. What’s better than a hot domme who makes the world a better place? Pay attention, losers. You’re going to need to be sharp to keep up with reimbursing all of Ashley’s getaways, manicures, and lunches with her mega hot friend Goddess Lindsey. Be a good pay piggie and drain your accounts for Princess. That’s your purpose in life anyway, isn’t it?

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