Princess Rea Rays

by IWC

Female Domination with Rea Rays

21 year old female domination master Princess Rea Rays might be newer to the scene, but she’s already amassed a huge following. This Icy Domme will take your hard earned virgin cash and spend it with a soul chilling smile on her face. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Financial Damnation

This blonde female domination babe has an attitude, and it’s for a damn good reason. Rea is a natural at taking men’s money and leaving them in ruins. A true feminine brat, this Californian loves raves, vegan restaurants, Disneyland and yoga – All funded by her slaves, of course. You’ll fall into such a deep addiction with Princess Rea that you won’t care what your girlfriend or wife thinks, you’ll risk it all just to make her happy.

Out of the Palm of Her Hand

Princess Rea reigns supreme in everything she does, which is why she’s perfect for IWCSociety and femdom as a whole. It doesn’t matter if she’s at the beach playing tennis or out at a club, subs grovel at her feet – and hands. In a recent DommeAddiction interview, Rea admits that she has quirofilia; a fetish of the hands. Freshly manicured nails and dainty, wicked fingers will draw in any hand freak. Watch as she mesmerizes you with her seductive hand strokes in shiny leather. You really won’t stand a chance. Get to work, loser. Her bank account is waiting.

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