Princess Ashley

by IWC

Princess Ashley, Financial Domination Fantasy

There are few legends of the financial domination world that do it quite like Princess Ashley. With cool bratty dominance oozing from her pores like honey, it’s obvious how she was able to reach the upper echelon of findom as quickly as she did. Losers can’t wait to drool over this Princess’ hypnotizing gaze.

Million Dollar Maven

You might as well empty your bank accounts, refinance your houses, and liquidate your assets now. Princess Ashley is a wallet drain virtuoso. She once made $50,000.00 in one day from a single sub, rounding out at about $75,000.00 in a single month – all while hardly lifting Her pretty little fingers. After just 4 years in the financial domination industry, Princess reached an income of a chill 1 million dollars, all sent from the bank accounts of weak rich men. You may be powerful in the office, but you’re putty in Her hands. You can’t resist giving it all up for Her.

Helping Hand

Princess Ashley might be a greedy Goddess with men, but she’s also been using her powers for good. An avid animal lover, Ashley has raised and donated to various causes throughout her career. So every time you go into debt for Princess, you’re contributing to Her and donating to a good cause. What’s better than a hot domme who makes the world a better place? Pay attention, losers. You’re going to need to be sharp to keep up with reimbursing all of Ashley’s getaways, manicures, and lunches with her mega hot friend Goddess Lindsey. Be a good pay piggie and drain your accounts for Princess. That’s your purpose in life anyway, isn’t it?

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