Stella Sol

by IWC

Stella Sol, Master of Tease & Denial

Oozing with power, IWCSociety’s Stella Sol is not to be taken lightly. Her passion lies in bringing you to the very brink of destruction, just to watch you dangle. Everything you’ve ever wanted will be stripped from you in an instant, and you will succumb to Her.

The Mindfuck Maiden

Draining your wallet and controlling your mind is Stella Sol’s objective. You might be a big, important person at work or at home, but with Stella you’re nothing. You’re weak and pathetic. You’re only put here to Serve Her. If you allow Her to train you like you should, She might cut you some slack. Strikingly gorgeous with mesmerizing legs that run miles long, She is everything in your fantasies and then some. She will wreck your mind and life – and you’ll love every second of it.

The Mommy Domme

It’s easy to fall into Stella Sol’s trap. She will tear you to bits and then bring you back with the ease and warmth of a mother’s touch. She is fire and ice all wrapped in one astoundingly beautiful body. You will be so busy with worship that you will forget about everything else in your life – including your wife. You will sacrifice every relationship and every pleasure just to make Her happy. Do you think you deserve Her attention? Are you brave enough to try? Click here.

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