Goddess Jadah

by IWC

Goddess Jadah, Findom Badass

One of the baddest bitches in the game, IWCSociety’s Goddess Jadah could teach you a thing or four. Financially killing it at 25, this brunette findom vixen is living a complete life of luxury – completely sub-funded, of course.

Countess of Control

To Jadah, being in charge comes naturally; a feeling as smooth as butter. It’s no shock to her that paypigs take out loans behind their wives backs just for the satisfaction of padding her digital pockets – it’s expected. A monetary master, Goddess Jadah started off 2020 by acquiring her fourth property. In the amount of time it takes people to get a Bachelor’s Degree, she has become debt free and lucrative. You could kiss the floor she walks on, but you wouldn’t be able to afford it. Might as well accept it now, or keep spending.

Reigning Resiliant

As if she isn’t impressive enough, Goddess Jadah’s rise to success in findom wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter. Having been homeless before starting her career in sex work, this badass built her career from the actual ground up.
When she’s not walking men on leashes, she spends her time giving back to pets of the four-legged variety by volunteering at her local dog shelter. With the amount of work she’s putting in, she deserves all of your funds. Go ahead, pay for her travels. What better way to spend your cold, hard-earned cash? Send Goddess to all the places a queen like her would be spoiled.

Notes: • I’ve purchased 4 properties all via my FemDom/FinDom work • I volunteer hand in hand with a local dog rescue • My goals for the year revolve around traveling more, seeing more things, and breathing more fresh outdoor air.

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Aaron January 28, 2020 - 4:31 am

I have known Goddess Jadah know for 3 and a half years know, Since the time she was first gaining traction in the femdom community with her custom hypnos that started her second NF account most of which now you can not find any more. this hypnos were done in her apartment quality not that great and no special visuals or props just her, her voice and a camera and it was captivating, even with no glitz or glam. I have stayed around ever since watching her Empire grow more and more as well as the video quality get better and better, not just with video resolution but with the effort she put in, experimenting with special effects and exploring the different fetishes. She is one of the most well rounded Dommes you could ever get the honor to serve or to know. She knows how to treat each sub that she interacts whether that be humiliation, sensual, commanding, she can read her clientele which is how she was able to accomplish as much as she has in such a short amount of time. To go from making just enough to survive on her own to now owning 4 houses in the time period I have served her is astounding. With all of that she isn’t really into the glitz you would expect from your findomme, she lives very affordably outside of her occasional splurge luxe items. Choosing instead to spend it on investments and traveling and her friends and family. She is one of the most approachable people if you don’t annoy her that is. I am so happy to know her and to see her accomplish all that she has.

T. January 28, 2020 - 2:14 am

I was looking a long time for someone like goddess Jadah, from the first live call to now on, it gives me a rush every single time of how easy she can put you under her spell. She understands perfectly how to fulfil the needs of a slave like me. I love you goddess Jadah.

Loser January 28, 2020 - 12:23 am

She’s absolutely perfect in every way

JT January 28, 2020 - 12:19 am

I’ve been a fan for years but recently found my True calling. To completely give my self to a better cause and that was to serve a true Goddess. I am extremely lucky, proud and honored to be Owned by such a Intelligent, Beautiful, Powerful, and talented Goddess.


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