Olivia Leigh

by IWC

Olivia Leigh, Ebony BBW Queen

Olivia Leigh is an eloquent, curvy beauty with a compassionate attitude. Making waves at the AVN, UrbanX, and BBW Awards within her first year in the adult industry, Olivia is a trailblazer with a heart of gold. IWCSociety is proud to feature such an inspiration it’s platform.

Strength in Solidarity

There’s no denying that Olivia Leigh is a Queen. A 5 time AVN nominee, Olivia is setting standards for black BBWs in the scene everywhere. When asked what kind of advice she would give to up and coming artists in the adult space, she pressed that studios aren’t everything. “There are so many independent Artists that make their own moves,” she highlighted. “That’s the best route because that’s what gives you staying power, is being self-sufficient and knowing who you are.” Leaving a mark on the industry as an Ebony entertainer is her main objective, and we would say she’s damn well on her way.

The Gold Standard

Olivia Leigh is a goal setter who surrounds herself with strong, like-minded women. Citing Sara Jay as a hero and Eliza Allure as one of her favorite content creators, Olivia keeps an eye on the success she aims to mirror. Somewhere in the future, a more inclusive platform is in her sights. Leigh is passionate about developing level playing fields for all women. “A lot of jobs exclude African American females without being embarrassed,” Leigh stated in an interview with IWCSociety. “I’d love to create a production company that gives equal opportunities to women of every color, not just specific colors the industry feels are okay.” It sounds like Olivia Leigh will leave more than just a mark on the adult industry. If you would like to spoil Olivia and support her on this journey, you can send her tributes or buy her clips here.

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