Violette & Rea Rays

by IWC

Violette & Rea Rays, Dynamic Fetish Duo

Women’s empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of women.” This embodies the very impetus that IWCSociety was created on. In this feature we aimed to highlight two young and strong women who aren’t taking society’s nos for an answer. You would be lucky to bow at their feet, for Princess’ Violette & Rea are the perfect royal duo.

A Ray of Dominance

With her flawless skin and Malibu blonde hair, the Mesmerizing Princess Rea Rays is the epitome of Barbie superiority. Dominance and empowerment come naturally to her, “True confidence and power will never come from external factors. It’s acquired from putting yourself, your dreams and goals before anything else.” She elaborates by reminding us that the only way to succeed is to challenge yourself. Rea is also quick to acknowledge that the Femdom world has given her the tools she needs to be more independent. “That’s why this industry is so empowering; you can see direct results from the exact amount of work you put in. You’ll always win if you compete only with the person you were yesterday.” Since joining clip sites, Rea Rays has taken her future into her own hands, and plans to maximize her financial literacy to the fullest. “This industry and iWantClips really made me able to start my life on the right foot. Of course my biggest goals are owning property and experiencing dungeons/going pro. Starting a Princess Rea empire of dutiful slaves,” Rays says. Now how could you resist emptying your savings account for a woman like that??

A Violette Reign

A brat by nature and a Princess from birth, there’s nothing Princess Violette likes more than being served. From being driven around her native home of Los Angeles to getting her favorite meals hand delivered to her door, Violette has men serving her in every sense of the word. Female empowerment to her is not being afraid of “being large and taking up space,” and that’s exactly what she does. Mindfucking slaves is her forte, and for other girls looking to mind control the weaker sex, her advice is, “be consistent and hard working… know your niche.” Coming from a domme who can pull 10K in a single day, we’d say to carefully heed her advice. Focusing on gaining more power and investments are the ways Violette is planning to live her best life. Take notes fellas, because this is what Boss Ass Women look like. You’d be smart to bow down and serve.

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AJ February 8, 2020 - 12:42 am

Such amazing pictures and such a great read! I have not had the privilege to interact with Princess Violette but serving Princess Rea is such an amazing honor! Princess Rea is beautiful, intelligent, and exudes total confidence and dominance. I am looking forward to watching her achieve all of her goals!


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