Demi Sutra

by IWC

Demi Sutra, Against the Grain

Mega hottie with a humble soul, Demi Sutra is here to rock your world. Her cool confidence will put you at ease and open your mind, while her compassion ropes you in. Starting off selling fetish videos on Twitter, She’s now become a full blown award winning and nominated starlet. Demi Sutra shows that she can do it all.

Challenge Accepted

An independent model that sticks to her guns, Demi Sutra is a force to be reckoned with. “DO NOT edit out my birthmarks,” She says with her no-bullshit attitude. Years of hard work and dedication to her craft have not only given her the freedom to work on her own terms, but to present herself the way she chooses to. Though she’s been the recipient of an UrbanX Award and nominated for AVN awards, Sutra holds regard for her creative control at the highest level, explaining “None of my awards can compare to this freedom and flowing creativity.” Demi is a true professional whose hunger for greatness never wanes. When asked what her goals were, she named continued growth and letting go of fear – Though she doesn’t strike us as someone with much to be afraid of. Taking the focus off herself, she explained that it is also important to her to focus on inclusivity in the industry. “I love this industry as a whole, but I know there is a TON that could be better and different. We need to continue talking about the things that need to change.”

Power Maven

If you ask Demi Sutra why she chose the adult industry, she’ll tell you about the power of the female form. “Growing up I saw sexy beautiful women in tiny outfits – or naked! – and immediately recognized their power. I wanted it.” That coupled with her love for sex and voyeurism was enough to catapult her into a career in sex work. The amazing community that lies within is also a factor. When asked who Demi admires, Goddess Tierra was top of the list. “She fucking kills it and dominates the clip store scene.” Tierra is a badass woman, Artist, mom, and all around mold breaker for the community as a whole, as well as for black women within it. Demi may not be a mom, but she is definitely growing in the same direction as a leader in her community. Her advice if you want to join the industry? “Don’t compare yourself to others. Often times we don’t notice the hassle or struggle that people go through before becoming ‘That Bitch’. Don’t ever forget that everyone started somewhere and we can’t compare our success to others.” 
Bravo, Demi Sutra! We’re excited to see where your career takes you. If you want to support Demi by buying her clips, click here.

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