Dominant Jade Sun

by IWC

Dominant Jade Sun, Cuckold Queen

Dom·i·nance: noun power and influence over others, especially over those who are weaker. Synonym: Supremacy. Jade Sun has it all in the name. A cute little girl next door who will force you to your knees to kiss her feet in public while on a leash – and that is just an average Tuesday morning. This forced coerced-bi aficionado is here to punish you in all the right ways.

Doyenne of Femdom

Starting from an early age, Jade Sun knew femdom was for her. Jade’s first ever sub was a boyfriend who put his balls on a table for her to lash with a belt. Years later, she would start by taking Skype calls and moving to clips and phone calls. For very special subs, she’ll even do real time sessions. If you want a chance to be abused in real life, you better work hard to deserve it. Femdom is important to Jade because she always gets her way, and she can be her own boss. She can spend time making clips or just relax and drain money from men on her ignore line. This domme knows what you need, whether you know it or not. From cuckold videos to coerced bi, Jade will bring out fetishes you never even knew you possessed. It would be a grave mistake to approach Her with a plan. She will break down all of your barriers and leave you weak to the touch.

Brazen Belladonna

On top of being a hot doyenne, there is also the benefit is getting to make out with other hot dommes in the industry. Among the elite in Femdom, Jade doesn’t take her position lightly. “I’ve been in the Top 10 list for iWantClips and love that I am listed among some of my favorites – like London Lix, Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, and Goddess Jessica!” Adding that these are some of the most intelligent women she’s ever met, with a beauty that’s hard to resist. “They’re all extremely sexy!” What’s hotter than being a cuck for one smoldering Goddess? Abuse from a legion of Goddesses. At 23, Dominant Jade Sun is reaching for the stars, and she’s not far off. Aiming to excel further in her own skills, she’s also looking to expand her Studio to help others get started. Her advice for newbies is that the industry is a lot of work – having to learn everything from marketing & editing to psychology. She also stresses the importance of keeping your subs safe from real harm. “While you can make a little money from the fly by night “subs” just posting hot pictures and saying “Pay me losers” you aren’t going to build a real business without a lot of hard work.”

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Dominant Jade's pet April 15, 2020 - 12:04 pm

I have had the pleasure of serving Dominant Jade in person. As amazing as She is online, She is even more incredible in person. Her personality is so powerful She can have you crawling behind Her in Times Square with the snap of Her pretty fingers.

Your session might end, but your servitude never will.

Buy Her clips and find the true definition of addictive.

Chris April 14, 2020 - 7:35 pm

Mistress Jade Sun is such a wonderful Mistress. It is truly an honor to serve and worship Her. Her Happiness is all that matter


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